Last Week Last Week

So last week was the last week, of Yieldbot that is.  The company that I co-founded 9+ years ago hit the red light. Don’t pass go, and definitely don’t collect $200. This isn’t one of those startup post mortem posts, but I’ll probably speak to those lessons individually at some point.

For now I just want to thank everybody who was part of the journey, as I’m very thankful for all of the talented people that I got to work with over the years. Who at every stage worked hard to try and make us successful. For a really long time a lot of it was working out really well!

We built great technology that I’m very proud of. We built a great team and an environment where people could solve challenging problems, work with cutting-edge technology, and enjoy working together. Throughout the life of the company, even under the most challenging of times, the teams always worked together cooperatively toward common goals.

Despite the abrupt ending, I have a ton of positive memories and positive take-aways from my experience. Having talked with some others, I think they generally do too.

I want to especially thank Jonathan Mendez who all those years ago brought me in as a co-founder to help deliver on his idea, and put so much trust in me on the technology side.

After a very tough 2018, and a pretty challenging 2017 tbh, I’m looking forward to 2019 right around the corner. I’m excited for what’s coming next, even if I don’t know what it is yet!

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